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I guess thats the core to Graphic design ;-)

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The course is ALL done online...No classes to attend.. so no matter where you are in the world you can do the course from anywhere and you can start when ever you want. You will get all notes and assignments via email. You then return all assignments back via Email as a JPEG file. The assignment  gets graded and if needed,  modifications with advice until you have a stunning piece of work for your portfolio.  Graphic Design Academy teaches you all there is to know about graphic design. We teach you how to design anything from a blank page to a proffessional design. This involves HOW to layout a page, use of colours, use of text, how and why we do and don't do certain things.

Therefore you will:
• Be able to plan, research and organize design projects
• Become creative, independent and conceptual creators, producers, problem solvers and thinkers
• Be able to design and understand the essentials of various design projects with confidence in all the major areas
You will also then have work experience as you have done projects/assignments from start to finish and will have a great pertfolio to show prospective employers

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