Course Details

1) Design Basics

 2) Principles of Design - All Important Layout Aspects of Design

3) Visual Communication –Start to finish

a. Visual communication
b. Deeper Insights
c. Perceiving Visual Messages
d. The Design Process
e. Design Research process
f. Concept development - visualizing ideas and Thumbnails
g. Selling the Concept
h. Presentation tips

4) Design and Layout Overview

1. Grids
2. Page Elements
3. Visual impact and flow

5) Branding

General overview -  Brands are made in the mind


6) Web Design and Internet Technology

7) Theory in Reproduction and printing principles

a. Colour Theory - Graphic Designers must know.

8) The Art of Typography (lettering/spacing)
All its essentials and how it affects design

9) Portfolio Essential Jobs  to create a perfect

a. Advertisements.
b. Invitations
c. Posters
d. Brochure Design
e. Publication or Book Cover Design
f. Annual Reports
g. Catalogue Design
h. Packaging Design
i. Corporate Identity

10) Basic Photography

a. Principles of photography
b. Lighting
c. Camera Functions
11) Web site Design
a. Design basics to consider