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From: Gabriella   
To: Andre Van Den Ordel 
Subject: Re: Graphic Design academy - Feedback- completion of course 

 Hi Andre 
 Thank you so much for this certificate! 
I really enjoyed doing this course, even though I took a really long time to finish it. I think you are a fantastic tutor and I wish that more people knew about you and your Graphic Design Course. 
 I also love the way you present your lessons as they are easy to read. 
 Thank you for all your help. 
 Kind Regards 

Hi Andre 
 Thanks for the positive feedback. I really am enjoying these assignments which makes designing them that much more fun 
 The course so far has been great!! The notes are a big help and its makes understanding the different concepts and elements of design easier when   putting projects together. 

 What I find very good is the different topic of the assignments given, where some we work on something we thought of(eg. our favourite   artist/group) and others that you have asked us to design for (eg. the mountain bike). 
 For an individual who knows nothing about mountain bikes or the sport itself its a challenging project when you first think about it as one is not sure   what appeals to a person. And its good in the sense that it makes you research on the said topic because once you start doing projects for companies you not sure what they going to throw at you and you need to be prepared for stepping out the comfort zone and furthering yourself to make sure that the end product meets satisfaction level. 

 Thank you for a great course and being so wonderfully helpful:) 

 Regards Chriselda  
Good evening AndrĂ©, 
 This is great, thank you so much! I just started working on fixing the final assignment this morning but goes quite hectic with a 4 month old in the house. 
Thank you for all your guidance and support. 
What a lovely course. 
 I will keep in contact to update on any new projects etc. 
 Kind regards, 

Hey Andre, 
 Thank you very much for your guidance and patience. 
 I have learnt so much from you. 
It's been quite a journey. 
 Kind Regards