Student of the Month

Wendy du Plessis.
What I liked about the course.

It was  convenient for me to do it online.  I am not one to go and sit in a class and listen to someone speak.  I love creating and this course gave me the opportunity to do just that.  Now my designs that I do will be better than ever before as I just follow the basic rules of graphic designing that i learned.  It was fun doing the course.  I would recommend it to anyone to do this course. 




What inspires Me:

I go and do research on what is out there and then an idea just pops in my head. But I must say when I have that certain idea in my head it is sometimes difficult to find all the elements that will work together.  I would then take a second look at things and sometimes my second idea is
better than the first.  There are so many amazing things out there like colour and texture.  I know deep inside when I have the right idea.


What do you like about graphic design:
Graphic designing is an expression of not only of the client you are designing for, but you also put a little bit of yourself in there too.  You can be as bold as you want to.  When someone tells you how great your work looks like and they love it, you feel a warm tinkling feeling inside.  It’s an expression of what and who you are..
 More about me and my current hobbies

One of my hobbies is needlework.  I have been making costumes for concerts as long as I can remember.  In graphics designing as well as needlework, you got to be creative.  I don’t have a degree in fashion designing, but I must say I have created some amazing costumes over the year.  Needlework and graphic designing goes hand in hand.  You need to let the creative juices flow.  I get my creativity from my mom.  She was always doing needlework, painting, baking and making things with her hands.