What you will learn 

1) Be able to plan, research and organize design projects;
2) Be creative, independent and conceptual creators, producers, problem solvers and thinkers;
3) Be able to design and understand the essentials of various design projects with confidence in all the major areas.
What we will teach you:

  • To equip students with the skills necessary to successfully complete the various stages in the Graphic design process (For example analysis, recognition and problem solving, research, generation of concepts, evaluation, realization, adjustments to suits product requirements for clients)
  • To provide students with an understanding of the commercial realities of design practice as these pertain to production processes, corporate identity-(logo design), promotions, brochures, Book cover design, packaging design, photography, Adverts and Magazine design.
  • To find out your area of expertise and so become a specialist in the field of Graphics.
  • To produce the vitally important professional graphic design portfolio.
  • By the time of graduation, students will have acquired the training and portfolio necessary to go for an entry-level position interview as a graphic designer, assistant art director, production coordinator and computer artist at companies such as ad agencies, design studios, publishing houses, corporate communications departments or even to become a freelance graphic designer.